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Hello World V3

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

I recently revisited Hello World V2 with yet one more alteration in attempt to minimize the number of components. This time, with the use of a Common Cathode Alphanumeric LED. You may recall from my earlier post, that I ordered a Common Anode LED, which required me to drain current from the component when the segment was to be lit. This small failure to understand the difference between common anode and common cathode, meant that I needed to use 48 additional components: 32 resistors and 16 2n222 transistors.

In contrast, the use of a common anode led allowed me to simplify my Hello World project greatly. You can see the difference below. The left side makes use of the Common Cathode Alphanumeric Display while the right side relies on the Common Anode.

Comparing v3 and V2 BreadBoards
Side by Side comparison of the Common Cathode vs Common Anode hookup

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